As of November 2020, ACM approved the conversion of EIG Energy to a Special Interest Group on Energy Systems and Informatics (SIGEnergy). This web page is being updated and will soon become the home of ACM SIGEnergy.


ACM SIGEnergy is a professional forum for scientists, engineers, educators, and professionals for discussing energy systems and energy informatics. It brings together an inter-disciplinary group of computer scientists with diverse backgrounds in sensing, modelling, optimization, control, network and systems design, and experimentation to discuss and address key challenges in future energy systems, and their impact on society.

SIGEnergy covers a broad range of topics in energy informatics, energy system design, analysis, and operation ranging from building energy management, renewable energy modelling and integration, energy storage system analysis, electric vehicle modelling and optimal operation, data-centre energy management, and energy impact on climate and society.

SIGEnergy supports a variety of activities in the field which are listed below.

Professional Meetings

Educational Activities

Develop model curriculum in Energy Informatics


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