e-Energy 2020 — Call for Site Proposal

Site-proposal deadline: December 6, 2018
Result announcement deadline: January 6, 2019


Thank you for considering hosting and organizing an upcoming ACM e-Energy conference. Please provide information as per the preliminary outline below. For each conference year and depending on the number and quality of proposals, the selection process may proceed in multiple (e.g., two) “rounds,” with each round narrowing the set of candidates and asking for additional information. This email focuses on what is normally expected in an initial proposal.


Site proposals should be less than 2 pages ASCII text (66 lines, 80 columns; an equivalent size PDF document is acceptable). Send proposals to the current Chair of the e-Energy Steering Committee (scchair.[NULL]eenergy@gmail.[NULL]com) with the header: “e-Energy site proposal – YEAR” (with the appropriate year in 4-digit format). In case you do not get an acknowledgment within one week of submitting your proposal, you should email the e-Energy Steering Committee Chair to inquire on its status. Site proposals should follow the format specified at https://energy.acm.org/eenergy-site-proposal/.