August 2021 ACM SIGEnergy Newsletter


  1. ACM eEnergy 2021 & 2022
  2. SIGEnergy RLEM’21 Workshop (held with ACM BuildSys’21)
  3. BuildSys/SenSys 2021 – Joint Doctoral Colloquium (PhD Forum)
  4. Call for papers – EIR
  5. New job opportunities
  6. ACM SIGEnergy resource for energy-related datasets
  7. Posting additional information (contact Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal: [email protected])

1. ACM eEnergy 2021 & 2022

1.a. A brief report on ACM eEnergy 2021:
ACM e-Energy 2021 was held from June 28th to July 1st, in a virtual format. The program of the main conference was organized in 8 technical sessions, during which 30 papers were presented. The papers, co-authored by researchers from 11 countries, were selected out of the 91 submitted ones through a thorough double-blind review process. The set of covered topics was wide and included energy markets and trading mechanisms, sizing and operation of distributed energy resources, energy in smart buildings and data centers, monitoring and control of power distribution and transmission systems, data analytics for smart grid, as well as sustainability. The program included also 16 posters and two keynote speeches given by Anna Scaglione (Univ. of Arizona) on “Grid Graph Signal Processing: Theory and Practical Applications” and John Platt (Google) on “Fighting climate change at scale: lessons from Google”.

Five workshops were held on the first day of the conference, namely, the International Workshop on Applied Machine Learning for Intelligent Energy Systems, on Energy-Efficient Data Centres, on Energy Efficiency Learning at the Edge, on Energy Data Visualization and on Climate, Sustainability, and Society.

The conference was successful, with more than 200 registrants, several attendees during all the sessions, lively and productive discussions. Hence, ACM e-Energy confirms to be a reference for researchers working in the areas of computing and communication for smart energy systems, energy-efficient computing and communication systems and solutions for carbon emission reduction, and sustainable development of infrastructures, services, and technologies in the information and communications fields.

1.b. Online recorded talks from ACM e-Energy 2021 are available on the 
SIGEnergy Youtube channel at

1.c. ACM eEnergy 2022:
With the pandemic still ongoing and the outlook for 2022 unclear, the E-Energy Steering Committee has discussed possible options for the future. We recognize that virtual formats will stay beyond the current pandemic, but also that building and sustaining communities with purely virtual conferences is a challenge. Hybrid conference formats don’t work yet, but we need to make them work in the long run. For this reason, while e-Energy’22 will again be organized as a virtual conference, it will become a community organized event with an international committee held together by General Chairs Sebastian Lehnhoff (University of Oldenburg), Dan Wang (Hong Kong Polytechnic), and David Irwin (UMass). We will experiment with the possibility of hybrid on-site extensions (e.g., lightweight hubs – “viewing parties” synchronized with mirrors in different time zones) as well as other innovative features – so stay tuned.”

2. SIGEnergy RLEM’21 Workshop (held with ACM BuildSys’21)

The 2nd ACM SIGEnergy Workshop on Reinforcement Learning for Energy Management in Buildings and Cities (RLEM’21) co-located with ACM BuildSys’21 ( in November’21. We invite original submissions that explore the use of reinforcement learning algorithms for intelligent infrastructure and energy management.

Workshop Website:
Submission portal:
Abstract registration (required): August 16th, 2021 AoE
Submission deadline: August 23rd, 2021 AoE

3. BuildSys/SenSys 2021 – Joint Doctoral Colloquium (PhD Forum)

Current Ph.D. students in the early stages of their career are encouraged to submit a 2-page research summary describing the work in progress and including a 100-word abstract. Things to consider for inclusion in the research summary might be: the expected contribution to the field; the original idea or thesis statement; the problem domain and the specific problem addressed; a brief overview of related work; the methodological approach; research carried out and results so far. The abstract should also include a one-paragraph biography of the student, including the names and affiliations of the research advisor(s), and the expected date of dissertation submission.

Important Dates:
Submission Deadline: September 24, 2021 11:59pm AOE
Notification Deadline: October 9, 2021
Camera-ready Deadline: October 22, 2021 11:59pm AOE
Doctoral Colloquium Day(s): November 14, 2021
Please see the detailed CFP here

4. Call for papers – EIR

ACM SIGENERGY Energy Informatics Review (EIR) is a new online publication venue for articles on topics within the SIG’s field of interest. It seeks high-quality papers at the intersection of computing and communication technologies with smart and sustainable energy systems and the built infrastructure.

The submission deadline for the first issue is on August 1st, 2021.
The submission deadline for the second issue is on November 1st, 2021.

Please check the following link for further information:

5. New job opportunities

Dr. Hao Wang is looking for two Ph.D. students (with scholarships) in Optimization and AI for Sustainable Energy at the Department of Data Science and AI, Monash University, Australia. The first project is “Designing Distributed Renewable Micro-Grids for Reliability” funded through RACE for 2030. Application closing date: Aug. 16, 2021. More details:

The second project is “Mobility data-driven planning of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for decarbonising energy and transport systems” funded through Monash Data Futures Institute. Application closing date: Aug. 31, 2021. More details:

6. ACM SIGEnergy resource for energy-related data sets

The ACM SIGEnergy website has a Resources page with a variety of data sets freely available for use by the energy community. It is available at

We invite each of you to share any energy-related data sets, models, and software that we haven’t added to this page. Please send this information directly to Omid Ardakanian at [email protected].

7. Posting additional information

If you would like to post additional information such as academic job opportunities, Ph.D. scholarships, or a new energy systems course, then please send me the details and I will include them in the next monthly newsletter. My email address is [email protected].

As always, the ACM SIGEnergy website has the latest information. We welcome you to peruse it

Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal,
Communications Director, ACM SIGEnergy