f Conference Program - ACM e-Energy 2019

Conference Program

The following paper was chosen as the best paper for e-Energy 2019:

“Combining Renewable Solar and Open Air Cooling for Greening Internet-Scale Distributed Networks”, by Vani Gupta, Prashant Shenoy, Ramesh K. Sitaraman,

and the following paper was the runner-up to the best paper:

“Exploiting Vulnerabilities of Load Forecasting Through Adversarial Attacks”, Yize Chen, Yushi Tan, Baosen Zhang.

The links to the PDF files of papers are available now.

The FCRC app provides a ‘comment’ function for every presentation in every session. During the conference, we encourage both the audience and the authors to use this ‘comment’ function to post additional questions and answers for the paper presentation.

Please email the TPC co-Chairs Suman Banerjee and Sebastian Lehnhoff with any questions you may have.


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