Call for Hybrid Hubs

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With the pandemic still ongoing and the outlook for 2022 unclear, e-Energy 2022 will again be organized as a virtual conference, June 27-30, 2022. While we recognize that virtual formats will endure beyond the current pandemic, building and sustaining communities with purely virtual conferences is challenging.

For this reason, e-Energy’22 will become a community-organized event with an international committee led by General Chairs Sebastian Lehnhoff (University of Oldenburg), Dan Wang (Hong Kong Polytechnic), and David Irwin (UMass).

In 2022, we plan to evolve the concept of the last two years with multiple mirrors accommodating different time zones by soliciting hybrid on-site extensions, e.g., lightweight hubs – “viewing parties” synchronized with mirrors in different time zones. Hubs can either be participation/viewing only or offer on-site presentations - at COVID compliant environments in line with local pandemic rules and regulations. We envision these hubs as largely self-organized events for ~30 people. Without the need to rent large conference rooms (ideally at no costs at all, e.g., at your university), organizers may calculate and charge fees (in addition to the conference’s registration fee), e.g., to accomodate for catering or on-site technical support. This way, we want to combine the best of both worlds: the low-threshold access and familiar atmosphere of a regional workshop with the technical possibilities for global networking at a flagship conference. Nevertheless, the major objective of the conference focuses on building and supporting the international e-Energy community which essentially depends on meeting people and exchanging ideas across regions, virtually or physically and we expect the hubs to be accessible to international attendees (as long as this is compatible with local pandemic rules). Therefore, ideas for offering special virtual meeting places are also very welcome.

The ACM SIGEnergy e-Energy Conference steering committee invites potential hybrid hub hosts to submit a site proposal. In selecting a hub, the Steering Committee will consider cost, accessibility, the local organizers’ commitment to the community, and international distribution. Ideally, we are looking for a handful of hybrid hubs, e.g., in Europe, the U.S., Australia, the Middle East, and Asia). We will be happy to help promote such initiatives.

We encourage potential organizers to submit a brief application (up to 2 pages) using the outline provided below. We may request additional information from finalists before making a final selection. Proposals should be emailed to the SC Chair no later than November 30, 2021 to Sebastian Lehnhoff ([email protected]) with the subject line: “SIGEnergy e-Energy hybrid hub proposal 2022”. The proposal should address:

  • information about local site (hybrid hub)
  • accessibility for travel from international locations
  • hybrid hub’s facilities and approximate costs
  • names and affiliation of two hybrid hub co-chairs as well as past involvement in e-Energy
  • ideas for improving the hybrid experience

For background details on the current and prior conferences, please refer to:

Please feel free to distribute this call to potential hosts of hybrid hubs for 2022

Important Dates

  • November 30th, 2021

    Hybrid hub proposal submission deadline


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