Conference Program

EU Mirror / NA Mirror

Since this year’s conference will be held online, we will stream the replay of each presentation at two different times to accomodate different time zones. Authors will record their presentation in advance and may choose to present live at either one of the mirrors. Q&A will be done either in person (when the author presents live), or offline via chat (when the author is unable to attend due to timezone, and a recording is used instead).

Please note that the weekday of the program reflects the current weekday in the timezone that names the mirror.

All three keynotes are live and will be held synchronously at 9:00 am EDT (NA mirror) / 3:00pm CEST (EU Mirror)

The SIGEnergy community meeting is also held synchronously at 11:30 am EDT (NA mirror) / 5:30pm CEST (EU Mirror) on Thursday June 30.

A unified workshop schedule is available for download here.

The proceedings are available online at

Please email the TPC Chairs Adam Wierman, Na Li, and Julian de Hoog with any questions you may have.


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