Conference Program

Please be aware that there will be no Tuesday evening reception this year. We look forward to hosting everyone at the banquet on Thursday. Thank you!

Venue of e-Energy sessions: Magnolia 23-24.

Venue of e-Energy Poster/Demo Reception session: Cypress 3

Best Paper Award

“Follow the Sun and Go with the Wind: Carbon Footprint Optimized Timely E-Truck Transportation”, by Junyan Su, Qiulin Lin, and Minghua Chen (City University of Hong Kong)

Best Paper Award Runner-up

“Adapting Datacenter Capacity for Greener Datacenters and Grid”, by Liuzixuan Lin (University of Chicago) and Andrew A. Chien (University of Chicago & Argonne National Lab)

Best Paper Candidates

Liang He, Kang G. Shin, “Fingerprinting Battery Health Using Relaxing Voltages”

Roozbeh Bostandoost, Bo Sun, Carlee Joe-Wong, Mohammad Hajiesmaili, “Near-optimal Online Algorithms for Joint Pricing and Scheduling in EV Charging Networks”

Seyedali Tabaeiaghdaei, Simon Scherrer, Jonghoon Kwon, Adrian Perrig, “Carbon-Aware Global Routing in Path-Aware Networks”

Junyan Su, Qiulin Lin, Minghua Chen, “Follow the Sun and Go with the Wind: Carbon Footprint Optimized Timely E-Truck Transportation”

Liuzixuan Lin, Andrew A. Chien, “Adapting Datacenter Capacity for Greener Datacenters and Grid”

Bushra Alshehhi, Areg Karapetyan, Khaled Elbassioni, Sid Chi-Kin Chau, Majid Khonji, “DClEVerNet: Deep Combinatorial Learning for Efficient EV Charging Scheduling in Large-scale Networked Facilities”

Please email the TPC Chairs Xiaofan (Fred) Jiang, Zheng Grace Ma, and Rui Tan with any questions you may have.


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