Call for Nominations, Test of Time Award

The ACM eEnergy Test of Time Award (ToTA) Committee calls for nominations. The ToTA was established by the eEnergy Steering Committee in 2023 to recognize papers that are at least 10 years old and have had long-lasting impacts on future energy systems and informatics. 2024 will be the first year the ToTA is awarded.

In 2024, all papers that were published in or before eEnergy 2014, (i.e., including 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) are eligible for consideration. The selection is based on the impact of the published work in creating promising new ideas, paradigms, and tools, related to energy systems and informatics. Depth, novelty of the contributions, and, in particular, impact on follow-up publications will be key criteria upon which the ACM e-Energy Award Committee evaluates the nominations.

Please send nominations to the ToTA committee chair, Adam Wierman ([email protected]). Nominations should highlight:

  • Basic information of the nominator, including name, phone number, organization, job title, and email address.
  • The bibliographic reference of the nominated paper.
  • A statement, no more than 500 words long (excluding references), on why the nominated paper deserves the award. The statement should highlight the most significant impact of the paper on the field of energy systems and informatics.
  • The names and full contact details of at least two more members of the community who endorse the nomination. None of the endorsers may have a conflict of interest with the paper. An individual has a conflict of interest with the paper if (i) they are a co-author of the candidate paper, (ii) they are or were in the three previous years in the same department as a co-author of the candidate paper, (iii) they have collaborated in the three previous years with a co-author of the candidate paper, or (iv) they are a relative of a co-author of the candidate paper.

The nomination deadline is April 30th 2024. The Test of Time Award will be announced at eEnergy 2024 in Singapore.


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