ACM e-Energy Steering Committee Bylaws

Adopted in the SC meeting held on June 14, 2018 by its then members.

The ACM e-Energy Steering Committee (SC) is responsible for overall oversight of the conference and for providing guidance to the conference organizing committee as needed.

R1. The steering committee will normally consist of 5 to 7 members.

R2. Each member will serve a three-year term and normally rotate out at the end of his or her term.

R3. The SC will have a chair who is chosen by consensus by the committee members. The chair shall normally be one of the committee members who has already served for at least one year. The term of the chair expires when his or her term ends. 

R4. Nominations for the position of Chair will be proposed by members of the committee to the incumbent chair 3 months before the incumbent chair’s term is due to expire either during an SC meeting or by email.

R5. Each year, one or two members of the conference organizing committee, normally one or more of the General Chairs or one or more of the TPC Chairs, will be invited to join the steering committee. This will ensure that they can provide guidance to the following year’s organizing committee. Following a call from the chair, suggestions for other candidates should be made 1 month prior to the conference to the chair for discussion at the SC management meeting. This will provide an opportunity to meet the new members at the conference.

R6. Members of the SC are expected to adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards and promote equality, diversity, and inclusivity in their research community.

R7. Members of the SC must inform the SC of any change in their appointment or role within their institutions within 2 months of the change.

R8. The bylaws of the SC will be detailed and updated on the e-Energy home website.

R9. SC members commit to helping with programme or conference organisation should one or more of the organisers become unavailable due to any unforeseen circumstances.

R10. The SC shall have oversight of the e-Energy conference expenditures.

R11. The steering committee is responsible for maintaining and periodically updating the conference handbook, which provides detailed guidance to the general and program chairs.

R12. The Steering committee is responsible for soliciting bids to host the following year’s conference. Normally bids will be solicited well in advance so that the location of the following year’s conference, as well as the General Chair(s) can be announced at the closing ceremony of the conference.

R13. The SC is responsible for selection of the TPC Chair/Co-Chairs. Normally this selection will be solicited well in advance so that Program Chair(s) can be announced at the closing ceremony of the previous year’s conference.

R14. The SC shall hold meetings by teleconference from time to time, and in-person meetings during the e-Energy conference. Normally such meetings will be held every 3-4 months, or as necessary. However, there shall be at least two SC meetings each year, with at least one of these two meetings as in-person meeting at the e-Energy conference.

R15. Minutes of SC meetings shall be kept, circulated among members by the chair, and suitably archived.