Information Batteries: Storing Opportunity Power with Speculative Execution

Jennifer Switzer (UC San Diego, USA); Barath Raghavan (USC, USA)


Coping with the intermittency of renewable power is a fundamental challenge, with load shifting and grid-scale storage as key responses. We propose Information Batteries (IB), in which energy is stored in the form of information—specifically, the results of completed computational tasks. Information Batteries thus provide storage through speculative load shifting, anticipating computation that will be performed in the future. We take a distributed systems perspective, and evaluate the extent to which an IB storage system can be made practical through augmentation of compiler toolchains, key-value stores, and other important elements in modern hyper-scale compute. In particular, we implement one specific IB prototype by augmenting the Rust compiler to enable transparent function level precomputation and caching. We evaluate the overheads this imposes, along with macro-level job prediction and power prediction. We also evaluate the space of operation for an IB system, to identify the best case efficiency of any IB system for a given power and compute regime.