Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers,

I am delighted to welcome you to the inaugural edition of Energy Informatics Review, the magazine of ACM SIGENERGY. We hope to provide a high-quality outlet for research in the general area of energy informatics. EIR will be a rapid turnaround scholarly publication to serve our emerging community.

This inaugural issue contains extended versions of the three Best Papers in ACM eEnergy 2021. It also includes invited papers from some luminaries in our field. The result is an excellent issue that covers a range of topics, some in depth, and some with a broader vision. I look forward to maintaining this level of excellence in the issues to come.

This issue represents the results of many hours of dedicated work by the Publications Chair, the Area Editors, reviewers, and, of course, the authors. My thanks to them all.

Happy Reading!

S. Keshav