Why should I join?

The ACM Special Interest Group on Energy Systems and Informatics serves a unique community of computer scientists and professionals with diverse backgrounds in sensing, modelling, optimization, control, network and systems design, and experimentation to discuss and address key challenges in future energy systems. Working together, we can advance the field of Energy Informatics and help with outreach that broadens our impact.

Benefits of Membership

  • Monthly electronic newsletter
  • Discounted registration rate for all SIGEnergy sponsored/co-sponsored conferences, workshops, and “in cooperation with” events
  • Access to all SIGEnergy sponsored/co-sponsored conference proceedings in the ACM Digital Library

How do I join?

SIG membership is done through ACM. Professional membership is $20/year. Student membership is $5/year. You do not need to be a ACM member to join SIGEnergy.

Please click on this link to become a SIGEnergy member and subscribe to our moderated mailing list and monthly newsletter.  Consider joining ACM as well.

SIGEnergy Announcements

In addition to the official members mailing list, SIGEnergy has an informal announcement list called Energy-Announce. It is primarily used to disseminate news and announcements about events and conferences in the area of Energy Systems and Informatics. Subscription is open to SIGEnergy members and non-members. Please send an email to [email protected][NULL]acm.[NULL]org to subscribe to this mailing list.

To have your energy-related conference advertised on this list, send email to [email protected][NULL]acm.[NULL]org and include [energy-announcement] in the subject to prevent it from being discarded as spam. In the body, include a digest-formatted summary of your conference dates and URL. If your conference is not SIGEnergy sponsored or has not been listed in the digest before, consider highlighting SIGEnergy members on the organizing committee to demonstrate the event’s likely relevance to the community.