ACM EIG-ENERGY is a professional forum for scientists, engineers, educators, and professionals for discussing energy systems and energy informatics. It brings together an inter-disciplinary group of computer scientists with diverse backgrounds in sensing, modelling, optimization, control, network and systems design, and experimentation to discuss and address key challenges in future energy systems.

EIG-ENERGY covers a broad range of topics in energy informatics, energy system design, analysis, and operation ranging from building energy management, renewable energy modelling and integration, energy storage system analysis, electric vehicle modelling and optimal operation, and data-centre energy management.

EIG-Energy is a new emerging interest group that was approved by ACM in February 2018.  The original proposal to ACM proposing the creation of the EIG is here. Emerging Interest Groups are ACM’s mechanism to create new interest groups and are the first step towards the creation of a formal SIG.  Emerging Interest Groups have a lightweight structure. Unlike a SIG, they do not have an elected executive committee and are instead run by a group of volunteers. EIG-Energy has created an open process to solicit volunteers from the community to help run the EIG in its initial years. We aspire to transition to a formal SIG on Energy in the coming years.

Current Leadership of EIG-Energy

Prashant Shenoy (Chair), University of Massachusetts Amherst
S. Keshav (Executive Committee Member), University of Waterloo
Omid Ardakanian (Information Services Director), University of Alberta
Primary responsibility: managing mailing lists and the EIG-Energy website
Hermann de Meer (Education Director), University of Passau
Primary responsibility: developing the Energy Informatics curriculum
Arun Vishwanath (Communications Director), IBM Research
Primary responsibility: overseeing the design and distribution of email newsletters
Minghua Chen (ACM e-Energy Steering Committee Chair), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Primary responsibility: steering committee stewardship of ACM e-Energy
David Irwin (ACM BuildSys Steering Committee Chair), University of Massachusetts Amherst
Primary responsibility: steering committee stewardship of ACM BuildSys
Fred Jiang (Executive Committee Member), Columbia University


Please contact us if you are interested to join the Executive Committee.