This page contains a collection of publicly available data sets, models, and software that might be useful for researchers and professionals who study energy systems and informatics. We will continue to add more resources to this page. If you have or know about energy-related resources that are not listed below, please contact the Information Services Director.

Disclaimer — while the information contained in this page has been presented with all due care, we do not warrant that the information is free from errors or omission.

Models & Software

  • OpenDSS is an electric power distribution system simulator developed by NREL
  • SAM is NREL’s renewable energy and battery storage models
  • Pysolar is a collection of Python libraries for simulating the irradiation of any point on earth
  • Solar-TK is a toolkit for solar performance modelling and forecasting
  • Google Sunroof is an online tool for estimating solar savings potential of a given area in the US
  • is an online tool for simulating hourly power output from wind and solar PV farms located anywhere in the world
  • PVWatts is NREL’s calculator for estimating the energy production and cost of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) energy systems throughout the world
  • GridPV toolbox allows for modelling and simulating the integration of distributed generation into the electric power system
  • Markov models for simulating residential electricity consumption. The models are developed using power consumption data collected from 20 households in Ontario, Canada
  • LoadProfileGenerator is a modelling tool for residential energy, gas, hot and cold water consumption
  • NILMTK is a toolkit for evaluating the accuracy of Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring algorithms
  • ODToolkit is a toolkit for evaluating the accuracy of occupancy detection and estimation algorithms in buildings
  • CityLearn is an OpenAI Gym environment for the implementation of reinforcement learning agents in a multi-agent urban setting

Data Sets

Energy Networks

Power Generation & Transmission

  • Historical data on electricity generation and transmission from ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, representing 43 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) from 36 countries across Europe [RESTful API]
  • Global Power Plant Database is a comprehensive, open source database of power plants around the world
  • List of conventional power plants in European countries

Power Distribution

  • Power Data Portal contains data from Distribution-level Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) installed at several locations, including Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Energy Markets

  • PJM’s Data Miner provides access to public data such as generation, load, load forecast, and PJM’s market information
  • Various data sets related to European Energy Market EPEX SPOT

Energy End-Use Technologies

Buildings & Plug Loads

  • Dataport contains one-minute appliance-level customer electricity use from nearly 1000 houses and apartments
  • Smart* Data Set contains electricity consumption data from over 400 homes
  • Genome project is a collection of non-residential buildings for performance analysis and algorithm benchmarking
  • Mortar is a data collection tool and an open dataset of buildings
  • ADRES-Concept contains power consumption and voltage profiles of 30 Austrian households
  • REDD is the reference energy disaggregation data set
  • UK-DALE is domestic appliance-level electricity dataset from UK
  • AMPds is one-minute electricity, water, and natural gas consumption data of a residential house in Canada
  • BLOND contains continuous energy measurements of a typical office environment in Germany with common appliances and load profiles
  • REFIT Smart Home dataset contains aggregate-level and appliance-level electrical load measurements, building occupancy, and survey data from 20 UK homes
  • BLUED electricity disaggregation dataset contains current and voltage measurements from one home in the United States
  • I-BLEND dataset contains energy consumption data recorded at one-minute intervals from seven campus buildings in India
  • EMBED is a labeled electricity disaggregation dataset containing plug load consumption data (for a variety of appliances) from three apartment units in the United States

Electric Vehicles

  • ACN-Data is a dataset of workplace EV charging which currently includes over 30,000 sessions
  • US National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) data
  • Drive4Data contains drive cycle and powertrain data (speed, acceleration, and battery state-of-charge) of several EVs from Waterloo, ON, Canada

Renewable Energy Resources

  • Renewable energy power stations in European countries
  • Solar radiation data from several measurement sites in the United States: MIDC
  • OPSD‘s hourly geographically aggregated weather data for Europe
  • Dark Sky weather API

Energy Storage

  • A model for calculating Levelized Cost of Storage for 9 technologies in 12 applications from 2015 to 2050

Water Consumption